If you are the parent of a teenager, now may be the right time to explore whether your child needs wisdom teeth removal. Patients typically have this common oral surgery between the ages of 15 and 17 to prevent discomfort, pain, and oral health complications later in life, but older patients already experiencing these symptoms can still benefit from the procedure. The doctors of Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery have performed wisdom teeth removal for thousands of patients in The Villages, FL. As a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Jaffal uses a minimally invasive approach that is safer and more comfortable for those in our care.

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Procedures take place under IV sedation, allowing patients to sleep through the entire experience. Our doctors use EXPAREL® to provide a narcotic-free, opioid-free postoperative course while ensuring the patient’s comfort.

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If your dentist told you or your teen that it is time for wisdom teeth removal, our board-certified oral surgeons can help! As leaders in oral surgery, our doctors use a comfortable approach to remove wisdom teeth more safely.

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Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Third molars — the last teeth in line at the back of your mouth — typically don’t start erupting until the late teens or twenties. Most patients don’t have enough space for proper eruption. Third molars can also become impacted beneath the surface of the gums. As a result:

  • Patients may have difficulty keeping the area between the second molars and wisdom teeth clean.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth may develop infection or periodontal abscesses.
  • Cyst formation along impacted teeth may destroy local bone in the jaw.

Wisdom teeth removal helps prevent these problems. While a small portion of the population can keep their wisdom teeth without concern, most patients will require wisdom teeth removal to prevent impaction, infection, and other oral health problems. Some patients in The Villages, FL have their wisdom teeth taken out prior to corrective jaw surgery or orthodontic treatment.

There are important reasons to have wisdom teeth removed earlier in life. First, the procedure reduces the oral health risks described above. Second, extracting these teeth before they develop is safer than waiting. Over time, wisdom teeth roots can grow close to the nerve that gives feeling to the lower lip and chin. Having surgery in your younger years, prior to root formation, decreases the risk of nerve injury during the extraction.

What Is the Recovery from Wisdom Teeth Removal Like?

On the day of the procedure, your doctor will again go over the process and recovery and answer any additional questions. Before surgery, the doctor will start IV sedation. Patients should fall asleep quickly and rest comfortably throughout the surgery.

Our oral and maxillofacial specialists are trained in minimally invasive techniques for wisdom teeth removal. Surgery typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for complex cases, and only requires gauze packing and one small resorbable stitch for each tooth.

Patients and their families often want to know about options for pain management following surgery. Our practice offers EXPAREL® to minimize discomfort for three days after the procedure — generally the most difficult period of the recovery. We provide this opioid-free numbing medication to promote the patient’s comfort in a safe and effective way.

Patients should also apply ice packs to reduce swelling, and they can take over-the-counter medications as needed. Our practice generally recommends ibuprofen and Tylenol® in prescription doses.

Most wisdom teeth removal patients can get back to normal daily activities in two to three days, and they’ll return to our office for a postoperative check-up after one week.

Pricing for Wisdom Teeth Removal in The Villages, FL

By having their wisdom teeth removed, patients can prevent costly dental treatment later in life. The price of the procedure will depend on several factors, including the complexity of extraction and the number of wisdom teeth a patient needs to have extracted. These factors can vary from person to person.

Some other factors include whether the teeth are impacted, if and how an insurance company will cover costs, and at what age a patient would receive treatment. During your visit to our practice, we can discuss these factors as well as answer any other questions you have.

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If you have a child entering the teen years or if you are experiencing oral health problems that may be related to your third molars, Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery can help. Schedule your consultation in The Villages, FL with Dr. Jaffal and talk to him about wisdom teeth removal. Contact us online or call (352) 391-5550 today.