Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery prioritizes your comfort, safety, and care. We are committed to providing you with the best experience and outcome possible, and to help accomplish this, we offer treatment with EXPAREL®.

EXPAREL is an FDA-approved, long-lasting anesthetic. Our doctors can use EXPAREL to numb your surgical site for several days, limiting symptoms during the most difficult part of the healing process.

One of the major advantages of EXPAREL is that it is narcotic-free and opioid-free. In surgeries of all types, opioid medications have been the traditional avenue for controlling postoperative pain, but they also present a risk of addiction. EXPAREL, which has been in use since 2012, eliminates this risk for our patients.

EXPAREL in Our Practice

Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery offers EXPAREL as an option for most surgeries. We use EXPAREL for various oral surgeries, including bone grafting, individual dental implant placement, and the teeth-in-a-day procedure. Depending on your treatment plan, there may be an additional fee assessed for its use. Our doctors inject the medication at the surgical site during the procedure.

EXPAREL’s duration is about three days, the time period during which postoperative discomfort is otherwise most noticeable. When EXPAREL wears off, you should be able to manage discomfort with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and prescription medications.

Safer Treatment for Patients

While opioid-based medications provide numerous benefits, opioid addiction is a growing and dangerous phenomenon in the United States. By using a non-opioid anesthetic like EXPAREL, our practice is helping protect patients from this risk.

If you are bringing your teenaged child for wisdom teeth removal, this option may be particularly important to your family. When you come for your consultation, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss EXPAREL, answer your questions, and guide you in your child’s care.


Learn more about EXPAREL by contacting Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery online or calling our practice in The Villages, FL at (352) 391-5550. For more information on EXPAREL and other procedures, visit our video learning center.