As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a periodontist dedicated to patient safety and comfort, the board-certified doctors of Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery have extensive experience in tooth extraction and perform the procedure on a daily basis. Patients in The Villages, FL frequently require extractions to replace damaged or diseased teeth with a natural-looking restoration. Dr. Jaffal and Dr. Livada also extract teeth to support orthodontic treatment and space management.

Our practice will make your treatment as comfortable and supportive as possible. We perform tooth extraction using minimally invasive techniques, and the majority of surgeries take place under IV sedation so patients can sleep through the process. We can also utilize EXPAREL®, a long-lasting anesthetic, to numb the site for several days after surgery. This can eliminate symptoms during the most difficult part of your recovery.

Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

Treatment can offer you multiple benefits:

  • You may be experiencing pain if you have tooth decay beneath a crown or if you have impacted canines or wisdom teeth. Removing non-restorable teeth can remove the source of your pain and infection.
  • If you’ve had an accident and broken one of your teeth, we can often extract the broken tooth and immediately replace it with an implant.
  • We also extract teeth to relieve crowding and provide your orthodontist with space to align your teeth.
  • Severe periodontal disease can cause bone loss, resulting in the loss of the tooth’s structural support. Once bony support is lost, tooth extraction may be necessary to allow the replacement of mobile teeth with a prosthesis.

Is a Tooth Extraction Right for You?

General dentists in The Villages, FL often refer patients to our practice when they determine a tooth cannot be saved. As specialists in oral surgery and dental implants, we can provide a range of treatment options based on your needs and preferences.

If you are having a damaged or a diseased tooth extracted, we will collaborate with your dentist in your care and help you decide whether to restore the tooth using a prosthetic, such as a bridge or dental implant. Our practice has invested in technology that allows us to create a 3D rendering of your mouth and to prepare a digital wax-up of the teeth to be extracted. With these resources, we can evaluate your needs more effectively and provide you with a more predictable and more esthetic treatment plan.

Some of our patients know that they want to replace their tooth with an implant-supported prosthesis after an extraction. In general, it’s a good idea to limit the amount of time between a tooth extraction and placing a dental implant. Over time, your body will resorb bone in the area of a missing tooth. If you have sufficient bone and no infection, we are able to place an immediate implant at the same time as the extraction.

Other patients want the option to get a dental implant in the future but aren’t ready for treatment right away, or are not candidates for immediate implant placement. If an implant is not placed at the same time as the extraction, we will perform a socket preservation to preserve bone volume and delay the effects of bone resorption.

What Is the Recovery from a Tooth Extraction Like?

Your experience with a tooth extraction will differ depending on the purpose of your treatment. In general:

  • Patients in The Villages, FL have their procedures in our facility under local anesthesia or IV sedation.
  • We use special instruments and techniques to perform extractions in an atraumatic fashion. This means you can expect a more comfortable and speedy recovery.
  • Any stitches you may require will dissolve within about one week.

We will send you home with surgical instructions to follow for their recovery process. Most people experience mild discomfort for the first 2-3 days and manage pain with over-the-counter medications. In each case, patients return to our practice after a week for a checkup and to address any needs.

Pricing for a Tooth Extraction in The Villages, FL

The cost for a tooth extraction depends on how many teeth you are having removed and the complexity of your treatment. Many patients will also combine their extraction with a dental implant procedure so they can have a functional and natural-looking replacement.

Our practice welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about pricing, treatment options, and what you can expect with a procedure. Schedule a consultation to learn about care with our practice.

Schedule Your Consultation

To find out more about tooth extraction with our specialists, contact Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery online or by phone. You can reach our office in The Villages, FL area at (352) 391-5550 or with our online form. If you are not ready to schedule a consultation, visit our video learning center for more information on tooth extractions.

Disclaimer: depending on your treatment plan, there may be an additional fee assessed for the use of EXPAREL®.