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Oral Surgery and Periodontal Surgery in The Villages, FL

Oral Surgery and Periodontal Surgery in The Villages, FL


Dental Implants

Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery is a center of excellence for treatment with dental implants thanks to the extensive training and experience of our doctors. If you have missing or damaged teeth, we will work closely with your general dentist to restore their form and function while preserving the surrounding jawbone.

About Implants

Teeth in a Day

If many of your teeth are missing or damaged, “Teeth in a Day” can restore their appearance in a single procedure. Unlike dentures, your teeth will be fixed in place, and you’ll have the function and aesthetics of natural dentition by the end of treatment.

Teeth In A Day

Bone Grafting

If you’ve been told you aren’t a candidate for dental implants because you lack the required jawbone structure — meaning, there isn’t enough bone in place — we may be able to help. Through advanced oral surgery, our specialists can restore bone volume and accommodate dental implants for most patients.

About Grafting

Wisdom Teeth Removal

For years, our oral and facial surgery practice has supported patients in The Villages, FL with wisdom teeth removal. Whether you want to protect your child’s smile by having their procedure as a teen or you are an adult experiencing problems later in life, we can provide gentle, effective, and personal care.

About Wisdom Teeth
Patient Stories

Real People, Real Results

At Central Florida Oral, Facial and Periodontal Surgery, your experience, safety, and results are our top priorities. We want you to feel confident in the guidance we offer, comfortable in your treatment, and more than satisfied with your outcome from oral surgery. Learn what other patients have said about their care.

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Bill T.

Infected & Impacted Wisdom Teeth
*Actual patient

More Procedures

Metal Free Dental Implants

If oral surgery patients experience gum recession around a standard titanium implant, the metal may show, creating an unaesthetic appearance. Our practice offers zirconia materials for patients in The Villages, FL who prefer non-metal dental implants. These materials provide the same benefits with a more natural look.

Implant Options
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Corrective Jaw Surgery

If your bite is not aligned because of the structure of your jaws, you may benefit from corrective jaw surgery. This common oral and facial surgery procedure can enhance many aspects of a patient’s life, from having greater self-confidence to enjoying a wider variety of food to treating sleep apnea.

About Surgery
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Oral Pathology

Changes to the skin of your gums and the lining of your mouth, your facial skin, or the bony structure beneath can represent an underlying pathology. If you’ve noticed a sore, a discolored area, or other changes, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. A simple, non-invasive examination early on can promote more successful treatment and outcome.

Oral Pathology
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Pain Management

To provide patients in The Villages, FL with the most comfortable recovery possible, our practice offers treatment with EXPAREL®. This long-lasting anesthetic is narcotic-free and opioid-free, and by numbing the surgical site for several days, EXPAREL eliminates pain during the most difficult part of the healing process.

About Exparel
Real People Real Results

Before & After Gallery

Oral surgery can significantly improve your comfort, the aesthetics of your smile, and the function of your bite. As you explore treatment options with our practice, we invite you to review the results we’ve provided to other patients in The Villages, FL.

Our Patients’ Experiences

Latest Technology

3D Modeling & Printing

Better vision and better planning lead to better results. We use a state-of-the-art digital platform to create 3D views of the mouth, digital planning of our surgeries, and coordinate care with patients and referring doctors. The result is shorter procedures, faster recovery, and more predicatable outcomes.

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Referring Doctors

General dentists and dental specialists in The Villages, FL refer patients to our practice because of our skill, communication, and collaboration. Our doctors work hand-in-hand with other providers to plan procedures, and we use our digital workflow to coordinate every stage of care.

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